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Have Idea; Need Flash Artists/Musicians/Other Creative People

2010-09-15 04:23:28 by RandomHuman

I'm planning on creating a virtual band (in the like of the Gorillaz) and I have the various things I need done listed below... So anyway. I am currently drawing out the head-shots for the band members (see above) but I need people to fill various roles...

1-2 Flash Animator/Programmer (to create the various music videos/cartoons)
3-5 Artists (to help with the creation of the characters)
1-3 Comic Creators (to possibly make a comic based on the band)
1-2 Creative Thinkers (to help with various plots)
4 Voice Actors (to play the roles in the various cartoons [but not to sing])

If you think you're up to it, hit me up with a PM!

EDIT: Be prepared to show examples!

To Do List

2010-09-13 03:10:43 by RandomHuman

1. Delete Audio Favorites
2. Redo Audio Favorites Based on Favorite Artists
3. ????

Back From a 6+ Month Hiatus

2010-03-18 21:37:45 by RandomHuman

Well, i've come back from my 6+ month hiatus, and am ready to... well... I don't plan to post anything on here because... well... you all fucking suck...

That's right, I said it... YOU... ALL... FUCKING... SUCK!!!

I am of course kidding...

Well, me and my band "Saturday Morning Cartoons" are planning to release our first album; "Greatest Hits: By Other People." For free on our website in early 2011, about at the same time we launch the site.

So that's all folks... err... fucks...

Until next time; N****r spic faggot jew...

Back From a 6+ Month Hiatus

A Naughty Joke :D

2009-06-07 01:54:02 by RandomHuman

Two freinds are hanging out watching TV, when one says to the other, "Can I have a glass of milk."
The one who was asked the question left and came back with a glass of milk which he promptly handed to his freind.

A few minutes later, after the freind had already finished the glass the other asks, "Do you want to hear a dirty joke?"
The other one replies, "Alright"
"I did your mom, want to hear a dirtier joke?"
"Your mom is my neighbor's dog's name, want to hear a dirtier joke?"
"I didn't wear a condom, want to hear a dirtier joke?"
"Not rea-"
"It was a she, want to hear the dirtiest joke of all?"
"Why not..."
"When I finished I rubbed off my load and kept it for a few hours, want to hear something funny?"
"Is it dirty?"
"Not really, but it does concern that milk you just drank."


Thought of it while playing Rock Band 2

Kickin It Off The Best Way

2009-03-12 00:03:43 by RandomHuman

Haven't submitted crap to the portal since late November, early December and after many (many [many {many}]) many hours of video game playing (Halo 3 and Halo Wars, send me an invite. And many many MANY days of constant musical training I have finally learned enough, in enough, instruments to make a new song.
No more Notessimo, no more FL Studio, no more cock-suckingly boring bullshit cover-ups of not having studio quality mics.
No more half-ass bullshit, "sounds good, but essentially isn't" crap
No more JROTC
No more moth... MOTH, NOT MOTHER-fucking elephant bullshit dick Eaters @)._.(@

From now on it's pure unadulterated hardcore (with pianos and string instruments :D) music that wracks thy soul to the core.

In other news, I am currently working on a new song (NO FUCKING SHIT IDIOT) that should be out mid-April

I am also working on a few flash games that are going to rock your Galaga meets Raiders of the Lost Ark Bulltruing MOTHER-FUCKING CONSTANTLY BULLTRUING ME WITH A SHOTGUN IN TEAM SWORDS MAKING MY FUCKING TRUESKULL GO DOWN FUCKING COCK SUCKING DICK-RODS!!!

My kongregate account is ddp33065, and from now on if anybody says that the games on there were stolen from me, then they are retarded.

Making a maze game isn't hard, but it does take a little bit of time. (this guide will make no sense if you don't know how to make buttons.)

--How to make a maze game--
(you must know how to make buttons)
1. Start new document in Actionscript 2.0
2. Add AT LEAST 4 new keyframes (4 is the minimum, if you want to add more stuff you can) (you will have a total of 5 keyframes) (also make sure that you put the:
action on each keyframe
3. The first one will be your main menu, add a Play button to it, link the button to frame 2. Draw your Title and whatever (not instructions)
4. The second keyframe will be your instructions menu. Add whatever instructions will be needed, or whatever, it's your game... Put a Start button in the upper left and link it to frame 3.
5. In frame three draw the walls of your maze (make sure that when you click the Play button on frame 2, you appear in the maze and not on a wall, or outside one. Also make sure you can't go through the top or sides of the maze) Select all of the walls, convert them to a movie clip, name the movie clip walls, and put the actionscript command:
Also draw a little square at the end of the maze that will be the place you have to get to, convert it to a movie clip and add the actionscript command:
6. On the 4th frame, make it look like a Game Over screen and make a retry button that links to frame 1.
7. On the 5th frame, make it look like a You Win screen and make a retry button that links to frame 1.

And that's all there is to it, pretty easy right?

Next Tutorial: How to Make A Quiz Game Tutorial
Approx Time Till My Video's Completion: 7 hours

Buttons in Flash Tutorial

2008-07-09 12:25:41 by RandomHuman

--Buttons in Flash Tutorial--

From now on, whenever I have free time, i'm going to write little flash tutorials on my userpage.

Buttons are really easy to make in Flash and they're often used. Here is the easiest way to make a button in Flash.

1. Start a new document in Actionscript 2.0 (File > New > Flash File (Actionscript 2.0) > Ok)
2. Create a new keyframe (Insert > Timeline > Keyframe)
3. Make the button into a movie clip (-select the drawing of the button- > Modify > Convert to Symbol > -type name and make sure that the movie clip dot is chosen (this can also be done if you pick button, but it's a bit more complex)-)
4. Double click the movie object, right click it, click on actions and type this code in:
5. Close the actions window and presto!!! But we're not done yet... You have to make it so that the page will stay until you click a button.
6. Go to the main timeline (if you're still on the page with the movie clip, click on the blue arrow on the top left of the stage)
7. Right click on the first frame and click on actions. Type in this code:
8. You can play around with the first code if you want, just change the number in the parenthesis to whatever frame you want it to link to.

Next Tutorial: How to Make a Simple Maze Game.
Estimated Time Till My First Flash Will Be Done: 9 hours

Taking Remix Requests

2008-07-06 01:54:29 by RandomHuman

I'm currently taking 4 MORE remix requests, just comment on this news post with a song that you want to see remixed and i'll see what I can do.

1. Linkin Park - In the End

Where I Make My Music :D

2008-07-04 12:57:18 by RandomHuman

I make all of my music on Notessimo, it's a free online audio maker thingy mabooble...

I think it's down for maintainence, but you can go hang out in the forums there :D