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Note to self

2008-07-01 02:24:18 by RandomHuman

check out hth 2...

My AQ Gold/Z Token Log :D

2008-06-11 02:13:19 by RandomHuman

I shall be recording my gold and EXP in AQ here for every week, and you can't comment on it so go fuck yourself.

Gold: 19,578
Z-Tokens: 338

Hosting Audio Collab

2008-06-08 17:29:58 by RandomHuman

I'm hosting an Audio Collab with a techno theme, but be quick about joining, there are only 5 spots.

Just ask to join in a message and i'll look over your audio and see if it's good enough.

1. RandomHuman
2. goopers
3. Kor-Rune

Need Voice Actors

2008-06-02 00:42:35 by RandomHuman

Ok I need voice actors for the following characters for my upcoming Flash. Just record yourself saying the things listed (in quotes) next to the role in the accent on the left, and send me a link to the Audio. Feel free to upload it wherever.

Country Voice for 2 Characters (Shwidt Shwidt Shwidt, BTTMTJ3): "WAKA WAKA" - OPEN
Various Sound Effects for 3 Characters (Rockzz, Miss, and Phillie) - RandomHuman
Girlish Voice for 3 Characters (I, Crying Girl, You) - My Freind :D
American Teenaged Voice for 4 Characters (Mr. Weiner, Hollow, Mister, and D-Awlphin) "God Damnit, you cheated" - ChiliC
Chinese Sensei Voice for 1 Character (Kitty McNinja) "Young Grasshopper must result to cheating? Hmmph..." - OPEN
Girlish Voice #2 for 1 Character (Chimney Cleaner Maid) "Damn that crazy woman..." - OPEN
Narraratorish Voice for 1 Character - RandomHuman


2008-05-31 01:36:19 by RandomHuman

Blahhh, i iz teh boredness, send me a message :D


2008-05-29 00:00:05 by RandomHuman

My songs have finally passed through judgment... with a horrible score... from 2 votes...

I have worked out 2 of 4 songs for the movie, I will be uploading them within 2 days.

I also have come up with art for the next 2 scenes.

Here's one of the pictures that also displays the weapons

:Plot Tweaks as of 05/27/08:

Made it so that there are 3 main characters instead of 2
Changed names slightly
Decided on weapons (Zed Elementia=Scyth, Xaero Zecno=Staff/Halberd, Brunt Beezly=Axe)
Came up with 2 songs
Planned out the menu
Figured out the script

Check back here for weekly plot updates.

Preview For A Flash I Plan To Make Part 2

I was playing Morrowing GOTY today, and I decided to go and kill every guard in Mournhold. So I mosied on over to Ascience Raine, and teleported to Mournhold, but when I got there, there was no color... there were only polygons and stuff, even after I walked through the door, nothing. So I saved, took the game out, cleaned it off, put it back in, and when I loaded my save file. It was still all polygonn-y. So, I decided to deal with it, and when I attacked the first guard, the wierdest thing happened.

Once the hit landed, all the color came back, inverted. I was like 'WTF?!?!' And then when I attacked another guard, the screen just went black.

Apparently, there was an extremely deep scratch, that kept getting caught, so all the color information was just lagging, and attacking them made so many alternative effects, so it just fucked up. So then, I went, sold the game, and bought Mortal Kombat Armaggeddon :D.

I thought this was slightly odd...


2008-05-25 18:42:07 by RandomHuman

I just submitted my first song to the Audio Portal, now I just gotta wait for approval...

My Normal Day on NG

2008-05-25 13:07:01 by RandomHuman

12:00pm Log on
12:00pm-12:30pm Blam/Save Time
12:30pm-12:45pm Hastle A Famous NGer With Questions
12:45pm-1:00pm Argue With Somebody Annoying
1:00pm-2:00pm Continue My Ongoing Quest for Greatness
2:00pm-12:00am Surf Around The Site Aimlessly
12:00am-4:00am Find A Fun Game And Play it OR Surf Around The Site Aimlessly
4:00am-12:00pm Sleep