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Well, this fucking sucks...

2008-05-24 19:20:24 by RandomHuman

I just went through the 2+ hours it take to download the instillation process, only to find ou that there wasn't enough room in my computer.

I'm planning on starting this flash fairly soon, it's just going to be a stick battle, but it will be in the style of j-camelo. There are going to be two main characters, a whole shitload of little peons, and some other stuff.

Since im going to do the beginning using a demo of Flash (30 Day Trial) I haven't downloaded it yet. I made this shot in Paint, so bare with the low quality.

Random Facts
~Two Main Character's names are Zed, and Zagon
~Zagon is a Necromancer, Zed is a swordfighter
~This Flash is going to be 650x150 pixels (Height by Width)
~This is probably going to be rated PG13, or Mature.

Preview of A Flash I Plan To Make

All Hail James the Zebra!!!

2008-05-24 01:16:09 by RandomHuman

The best games I think on Newgrounds are the James the ______ Zebra Games, made by the Super Flash Bros.

James is just, so darn cute :3

The Who Sucks More Awards!!!

2008-05-23 00:50:49 by RandomHuman

Who do you think sucks more?

Editted on: Whatever day it is today

George Bush
Kitty Krew
Me Mum
wuzzles (?)

Ok, my favorite stuff on Newgrounds

Favorite Flash Artist: J-Camelo
Favorite Flash Movie: Go Go Parody Rangers
Favorite Original Character: P-Bot
Favorite Audio Artist: SWiTCH
Favorite Song (Audio Portal): Broked It by SWiTCH

Ok, now for my favorite various internet stuff
Favorite Game: AQ
Favorite Site To Wreak Havoc On: Gaia Online

And I'm bored now... so go away >:(

My Weekly Top 5

2008-05-20 20:33:29 by RandomHuman

I finally got unlazy (?) enough to update my profile and stuff. If only I could duplicate and concentrate that unlaziness (?), I might be able to put together a Flash and some songs for the Flash and Audio portals... If only...

Well, welcome to my P-Bot wannabe, WEEKLY TOP 5!!!! :D These are a few of the videos and games that, from the last week, quallified as my favorites, and yes, my oppinion is important! >:(

1. 6 Differences An artistic masterpiece, and a "find the difference puzzle" mashed into one game.
2. Ignite People On Fire Sure, it may be pointless (a tree that turns into a man engulfed in flames.) but this is one of those games that makes you feel all soft and cuddly inside.
3. And now i'm bored of this...

Till next week :D

I'm sick and tired of people on Newgrounds, saying "oh, mario sucks, it's the worst game ever, it's so stupid, etc." when they haven't uploaded crap, and if they have, it usually is exactly what I just called it, crap. I'm not going against free speech, i'm just saying, if you're going to say all this shit about the most popular game franchise ever devised, you better have the substance, whether it be moral, illegal, or a game that you made that tops it, THAT, over 10 million people have bought it and liked it more then Mario... So, for all of you who think that making parodies, songs, movies, or games of Mario is just making more shit out of a bigger pile of shit, go fuck a camel in Oklahoma


2008-04-17 21:51:53 by RandomHuman

and NOW, I can't find all the shit for the game... :(

OH NO!!!

2007-12-12 20:02:21 by RandomHuman

I have been making a game called One Peice Battle Royale but I have to dump the load on somebody else because my Flash program is nowhere to be found on my comp. If you would like to take on the progect just message me.


2007-08-14 02:42:21 by RandomHuman

I am finnaly going to get flash... THANX TO JEBUS. Im going to come out with super ultra mega randomness the movie... YAY