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How to Make A Simple Maze Game In Flash Tutorial

2008-07-09 13:35:52 by RandomHuman

Making a maze game isn't hard, but it does take a little bit of time. (this guide will make no sense if you don't know how to make buttons.)

--How to make a maze game--
(you must know how to make buttons)
1. Start new document in Actionscript 2.0
2. Add AT LEAST 4 new keyframes (4 is the minimum, if you want to add more stuff you can) (you will have a total of 5 keyframes) (also make sure that you put the:
action on each keyframe
3. The first one will be your main menu, add a Play button to it, link the button to frame 2. Draw your Title and whatever (not instructions)
4. The second keyframe will be your instructions menu. Add whatever instructions will be needed, or whatever, it's your game... Put a Start button in the upper left and link it to frame 3.
5. In frame three draw the walls of your maze (make sure that when you click the Play button on frame 2, you appear in the maze and not on a wall, or outside one. Also make sure you can't go through the top or sides of the maze) Select all of the walls, convert them to a movie clip, name the movie clip walls, and put the actionscript command:
Also draw a little square at the end of the maze that will be the place you have to get to, convert it to a movie clip and add the actionscript command:
6. On the 4th frame, make it look like a Game Over screen and make a retry button that links to frame 1.
7. On the 5th frame, make it look like a You Win screen and make a retry button that links to frame 1.

And that's all there is to it, pretty easy right?

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Approx Time Till My Video's Completion: 7 hours


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