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Ok, I srsly need to clear things up

2008-07-30 19:08:12 by RandomHuman

My kongregate account is ddp33065, and from now on if anybody says that the games on there were stolen from me, then they are retarded.


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2008-08-03 21:44:37

Why go on my blog and randomly comment like that? You, sir, need to crawl in a hole, pour gasoline over your rotten pale skin, and set your ugly carcass ablaze and suffer as you feel the flames growing deeper and deeper burning through your skin into your bones, and the sharp, hot pains that take over your body and fry your nerves like the morning bacon, I hope you cry until your cremated remains blow into the hottest desert or into the darkest crevices of this Earth. You sorry excuse of a human. I doubt anyone would care what happened to your black hearted soul and ugly face if you just disappeared off the face of the planet.

Just so you know, I realy don't wish those things upon you. But I don't ever want to see you commenting my blog like that again. Jerk.


2008-08-05 02:21:52

Okay okay gee sorry. I admit, no I don't know flash and I don't want to know flash. i just think it would be really cool, ya know, for someone looking for ideas. But I guess you don't see it my way and that's okay. I'm not a dumbass, its not necessary to... never mind I called you a bunch of stuff. Which I was just angry. Anyway... you've no right to tell me what I can and cannot do because the USA hasn't started building concentration camps yet, the Constitution isn't void yet, and I still have some rights. But if I wanted, I could go blow $500 that I don't have just to make some animations. And I know it'd be far superior to most flash animators' quality too, if not better. But, I'm not going to because I have no desire to. So there. And if you think that I'm so nieve to think that one person cannot make a difference, buddy I live in the USA like I previously inferred, I know. (can't you tell I hate USA?) Oh, after all I said to you thanks for being at least decent in your reply that shows you definitely do not deserve the cruel fate I described but didn't wish upon you. Okay, I'm done.


2008-08-05 02:24:06

Excuse me after reading my blog I happened to state that I think one person can make a difference, when I actually meant one person cannot make a difference. I'm sure you understand you're not stupid ya know.