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A Naughty Joke :D

2009-06-07 01:54:02 by RandomHuman

Two freinds are hanging out watching TV, when one says to the other, "Can I have a glass of milk."
The one who was asked the question left and came back with a glass of milk which he promptly handed to his freind.

A few minutes later, after the freind had already finished the glass the other asks, "Do you want to hear a dirty joke?"
The other one replies, "Alright"
"I did your mom, want to hear a dirtier joke?"
"Your mom is my neighbor's dog's name, want to hear a dirtier joke?"
"I didn't wear a condom, want to hear a dirtier joke?"
"Not rea-"
"It was a she, want to hear the dirtiest joke of all?"
"Why not..."
"When I finished I rubbed off my load and kept it for a few hours, want to hear something funny?"
"Is it dirty?"
"Not really, but it does concern that milk you just drank."


Thought of it while playing Rock Band 2


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2009-06-07 01:56:15

thats not good milk


2009-06-07 02:10:53

and no i do not want to hear a dirtier joke... XD


2009-06-07 02:36:36

Whats black and doesn't work???

Half of London!!!

Im not racist just a joke off of sikipedia XD