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Back From a 6+ Month Hiatus

2010-03-18 21:37:45 by RandomHuman

Well, i've come back from my 6+ month hiatus, and am ready to... well... I don't plan to post anything on here because... well... you all fucking suck...

That's right, I said it... YOU... ALL... FUCKING... SUCK!!!

I am of course kidding...

Well, me and my band "Saturday Morning Cartoons" are planning to release our first album; "Greatest Hits: By Other People." For free on our website in early 2011, about at the same time we launch the site.

So that's all folks... err... fucks...

Until next time; N****r spic faggot jew...

Back From a 6+ Month Hiatus


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2011-06-17 01:46:29

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